Our Shipping & Policies

Everything you need to know.

So you want a Yorkie, but you certainly can’t come all the way out to our Yorkie kennel in Abilene Texas to pick her/him up! Have no fear. We can ship our Yorkies / Teacup Yorkies / Designer pups to your location. We have two methods of shipping:

Air Shipping

We ship through Continental or American Airlines. Your puppy must be at least 8 weeks old and weigh at least one pound before he/she can be shipped.

Shipping charge: $4000.00

Hand Delivered

If you’d rather your puppy receive absolute and total hands-on care throughout it’s journey from our neighborhood to yours, we recommend hand delivery via a Puppy Nanny. Our Puppy Nanny will take extra care of your new pup during the shipping process.

Shipping Charge: $600.00

Contact Us: bcjen@msn.com | (325) 370-1038