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  1. I picked up my little girl on April 4th. She is nine weeks today. She was everything I wanted and more. Becky was so helpful with anything and everything that I needed. She made sure I was well informed of what to expect when I got my new baby home. Becky made sure i knew what supplies to have for her and what foods would be best for her. Becky and her family was very welcoming and made the transition home very smooth. I will be seeing you again when we are ready for another little baby. Thank you Becky for everything. You rock!!!

  2. I got my little Annie from Becky and I’m so pleased with my dog. Becky answered all my questions about my dog. Becky send a blanket,2 toys,food, and much more with my puppy. The dogs that Becky breeds are the best. Annie is so cute loveable and so funny and much more I’ve been telling everyone who asks where did you get your dog or can i have your dog that i got her from Becky Jennings or you can look on her website thank you Becky so much for my little Annie you are one of the best dog breeders out there.

  3. I received our little Yorkie on Christmas Eve. My grand kids brought it in a hat box. There we so proud to have kept a secret about Bella for over a week. we love our dog and she seems to be very healthy and smart. your info sheets are very helpful in starting Bella off on the right foot.

  4. We just moved to ST Thomas and had our yorkie bishop flown to Puerto Rico. Closest we could get him to the island. Everything went smooth. Rebecca was excellent and very easy to work with. Bishop couldn’t be any happier. He is very healthy and super intelligent. Took 5 days for him to pee and poop on the pad. Now he does it all by himself every time. We love our new addition to the family and I’m positive you will too if you purchase a puppy from these fantastic breeders.

  5. After researching Yorkie breeders, I chose my teacup from Becky because of the look and quality of her Yorkies, and her care and knowledge as a breeder. My teacup was the most beautiful puppy, arriving at 10 weeks of age, already pad-trained and well socialized. She is now three years old and she is perfect – gorgeous face, beautiful coat and confirmation, and she is well-under three pounds. She is so intelligent, so healthy, and has such a great temperament. She has just been a joy to have. I am now looking for another Yorkie to add to my family and will only get one from Becky. The quality of her Yorkies is very hard to find.

  6. After a lot of research for the perfect yorkie, I decided to get it from Becky, she took the time explaining to me every question and every little detail. I’m so happy to say that was the best decision I made. I got my little tiny very tiny baby with such a beautiful face a week ago, she is just perfect. Becky was so right about everything that had to do with my baby, she is everything I was looking for extremely happy and please. Thank you so much for my new member of the family and thank you for all your help.. You are the best

  7. I would like to Thank you Becky for such a beautiful addition to our family. From the first day of contact your response was always quick and efficient you made the transition very smooth I love love the Nanny she took great care of our little one. I was very scared about the trip from Texas to Washington DC but you helped me to feel very comfortable All my questions and concerns were answered And his Drs appointment checked out with a clean bill of health say they have never seen a tiny yorkie so health and your estimated charting is on point. Everyone wanted him. I can’t thank you enough for little Gizmo

  8. On January 4th I received my precious Bailey Belle (image 4060) via the puppy nanny on America Airlines. Rebecca at Texas Tiny Yorkies and the Puppy Nanny made our receiving Bailey the most memorable and treasured moment for our family. I was nearly brought to tears (and no I’m typically not a sap). The puppy and nanny was a bit pricey but my husband and I did tons of research and asked tons of questions like all the recommended literature. Rebecca was very sweet and patient with our family and made sure I got the puppy of my dreams! Bailey is everything I asked for: healthy, confident, social, sweet and loving, playful, smart, etc. Rebecca told me this puppy was the entire package. Trusting Rebecca, I gave her my money and prayed that I made the right decision. It’s been 6 weeks since we have had our Bailey and I am overjoyed that I made this purchase. The vet said she was the healthiest and most socialized puppy coming off an airplane she had ever seen coming from a breeder and that I really did my research because I picked a good breeder. She even came to us at 9 weeks old potty trained on a puppy pad!! I am very indebted and grateful to Rebecca for Bailey. We love her so much! She is definitely worth the price and more and I would pay for her a million times over to get her over and over again! I will forever use Rebecca as my breeder if I ever get another Yorkie again and wanted to leave this feedback so you hesitant ones get some reassurance that she is a reliable and trustworthy breeder, not just someone out for your money. Happy puppy hunting and thank you truly from the bottom of our hearts, Rebecca! 🌷

  9. We pick up our little Peanut on February 7th from the airport. My husband and I fell in love with the tiny yorkies. We came across Becky’s website, when we spoke with her she gave me all of the required information, and what needed to be done. This was the 1st time we were to purchase a dog especially over the internet and from another state. When we picked him up from the airport we instantly fell in love. Our vet gave him a good bill of health, he is smart full of energy a d a joy to have. Anyone who comes across this website this is the best one. Becky is honest loves what she does, and it shows in her little ones. Beck thank you so much for our addition to our family.

  10. We picked up our puppy yesterday and are just in love with him. We are waiting for a companion puppy to be ready to purchase so that he has a playmate. He is everything we were hoping for in our puppy; affectionate, cuddly, and just the right size. Thank you, Becky.

  11. A little bit over a year ago We bought our little Tiny from Becky. We were very concerned because we never bought a puppy over the internet. The process was smooth and clear she is an honest breeder. I highly recommend if you are in search for a little next member of your family. Our Tiny is healthy, playful and full of love for his family.

  12. We got our yorkie (Bailey) a year ago July and she has brought so much love to our family! She’s smart, she plays fetch like crazy! We buy balls by the dozens but there is only a certain ball she likes. She lets us know when she needs to go out and carries her bowls around if she needs food.
    I wish I could post a picture of her cause I have to brag a bit, she’s the cutest little thing!
    Becky was so great to work with and I had lots of questions. Everything went so smooth!
    Thank you for what you do!!

  13. I went to Abilene, from Houston and picked up my MINI she beat all my expectations so sweet ,loving, and smart .Drove back to my ranch in Brenham, 5 hours with a new pup. She only cried when hungry are needed to potty . After having 2 yorkies I searched Texas and at least 6 places in US . Look no more TEXAS TINY YORKIES is your last stop .BECKY is one in a million my last pup came from breeder in Houston an ended up with major heart problems, it cost a lot but I did everything for her till she passed..BECKY is 1 in a million, my Mini is all but house trained , fetched on her 1st go around, loves everyone. Becky may keep the baby a little longer than I wished ,but thats BECKY.Cares so much, when I got Mini I was so thankful sweet well sociized ,smart ,not scared of anything..I only use A&M vet ,she said very healthy, and one exceptional yorkie . I normally don’t write reviews, but with BECKY, I feel she has the best and don’t want anybody to deal with what I did in the past. I really feel her pups are the best I cuddle with my Mini every night. BECKY IS A PUPPY BLESSING.

  14. I absolutely loved the process from beginning to end, when purchasing our new fur baby from Becky. She made the process so easy! Our family is enjoying this little bundle of bubbly personality so much. It even made my husband like dogs! Lol . He said and I quote, “ I actually like this little guy “

  15. I’m so happy with my puppy. We changed his name and he responds to it very well he’s very smart an almost completely potty trained we have only had him for a week! He’s already very protective over my children and is adjusting well into his new home. He is soon going to start training to be my service dog we are so happy to have him as apart of our family!

  16. Just to let everyone know, this site is legit, Rebecca is the best person to do business with, very friendly and knowledgeable, she will not steer your wrong. We drove up to Abilene from Beaumont, Texas it was an 8-hr. drive but well worth it. If you want a teacup, go to Rebecca, she will help you every step of the way. DO NOT be scammed by cheaper websites for teacups under 1000 dollars, we were almost a victim to one of those nasty, lying, sites ourselves, until we came across Rebecca’s web site. And I’m sure glad we did. Thanks for reading.

  17. I purchased “Bella” from Becky. She is a very caring breeder. I drove from Huntsville, TX to pick her up. This is a legitimate website and would highly recommend getting your puppy from her. I have almost been scammed twice within a week.

    “Bella” is very high quality and it is very obvious that she was well taken care of. Becky gives you explicit instructions on how to take care of your Yorkie if you have never owned one. She stays in contact with you and she is always just a phone call away if you have questions. There is a one year certificate of health given at the time of purchase. If I ever want another puppy, I would check with her first; No one else is that trustworthy.

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